What’s Everyone GAH!ing About? A Walk Around The Block with Lisa Says Gah

The classic San Francisco girl is someone who is effortless and doesn’t hide it. Throw on some make up, brush your hair once or twice, and grab an easily adaptable garment for the day ahead.

For online retail destination, Lisa Says Gah, it’s the companies mission to provide you with everyday wear that can truly compliment your existing style. Bob Cut got the chance to talk to Lisa herself and our number one question, why is she saying Gah?

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“Saying Gah goes hand in hand with that powerful, yet elusive “I’ve got to have it feeling”. It can be anything you want it to be, and that’s the point.” Lisa Buhler, the young and dominating entrepreneur began the company in January of this year with one mission in mind. Providing empowering womenswear. “LSG has become my vision for fashion that matters. In other words, in an increasingly oversaturated market, it has become goal is to provide a stimulating and refined environment for the consumer.”

Working out of a small but cozy office on the edge of Castro, LSG is constantly on the search for the next piece to add to their already astonishing archive of designers, namely Ryan Roche, Sonia Rykiel, To Be Adorned, and many more. But Lisa isn’t doing this alone, in under a year, LSG has grown into a team of smart, savvy, and absolutely charming group of women, “there are many changes, but the most noticeable and the most impactful change has been building a team! I have a small but mighty team working on all things Gah! I love collaborating with the Gah Girls!”



But who is Lisa herself? Even though the brand is… well… her name, Lisa remains mainly in the shadows, overseeing the growth of her company with a light touch. LSG works locally from in the Bay Area spanning across the country to the east coast. With only being in business for under a year, we had to know how it all worked, “solve problems quickly and move on from them quickly. Don’t settle in. Trust your instincts, and push yourself to get new ideas out.”

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LSG’s recommendations for a SF Gah Girl:

EAT + DRINK: Suppenkuche, Two Sisters, L’Ardoise, 20th Century Cafe, Salumeria, Samovar tea lounge.

SHOP + PLAY: Birch, Heath.

// Photography By – Danielle Rueda, Creative Editor – Danielle Wallis, Beauty Editor – Jill Marie, Model – Sierra of SCOUT.

What’s Everyone GAH!ing About? A Walk Around The Block with Lisa Says Gah

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