Bay Area Speaks: Loose Leaf Is In

imageTea People.

A city built on innovation, dreams and ideas, but more importantly, podcasts. We’re pretty sure the term “podcast” was invented in the heart of Hayes Valley. Here’s why we’ve been listening in.

Whilst searching around the internet,  we were invited to a Facebook event called, “the Loose Leaf Podcast: Listening Party” – taking a deeper look in, we found a community of actual tea drinkers and theorists. So why haven’t we heard of them sooner? The host of this very cultivated podcast, Kalen Bergado, is a Whitman grad with a passion for broadcasting. His child, The Loose Leaf Podcast, is a passion project stemmed from the Tea People and stemmed further from the San Francisco watering hole, Boba Guys,

The podcast starts basing the listener with a question and wrapping the talk with an answer. Only three segments on air so far, the [Bob Cut] team is craving more. And so do the people. Our style of Loose Leaf is minding numbing in the best way possible and Tea People deliver.


So why is tea culture a rapidly progressing “cult” in the modern age? With stores such as DavidsTea, Peet’s Coffee, or Philz – connectivity is the key to success in such a niche and under recognized market. “We all have our favorite piece of tea ware, the one we always reach for
in the morning.  But what makes it special is that our most treasured
piece speaks volumes about who we are, from our personalities to the
values we place on the way we work.” But don’t let us stop you from enjoying a fresh brew of straight knowledge.

Are you listening in? Check out this Bay Area podcast here.

Bay Area Speaks: Loose Leaf Is In

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