Don’t Get Mad, Get S.A.D: Gifts To Buy Yourself This Feb. 14th


What most fear as the day of realization, that they are in fact, single once again and to others it’s a day to honor the one you truly cherish. We’re excluding parents and grandparents because they have their own day but lets focus on someone who’s been through it all for 365 days. You. Feb. 14th could possibly be the epitome of the phrase TREAT YOURSELF. I mean, if it doesn’t, then I don’t see what day does. Well maybe Christmas.

As one S.A.D participant to another, here are some minor suggestions that are for Sunday lovin’.

Starbucks Rewards Hacks – Know Mo...
Starbucks Rewards Hacks – Know More
imageKathleen Whitaker Small Fan Earrings.
For those who want to subtly treat themselves to the hottest earring this side of the coast, Kathleen Whitaker is a good choice for tried and true style mavens. Coming in both silver and 14K yellow, snagging a pair of these babies will most definitely add a level of “cool girl (or boy)” sophistication you weren’t expecting. All in all, you’re welcome.

imageSIRI SIRI Kiriko Ring, C.) Hortense Full Moon Necklace
For both the minimalist and extrovert in you, Feb. 14th is the perfect time to make that loud and proud. Aiming to compliment your beautiful features, these two jewelry gorgeousness’ are sure to wow the many who trail behind you. A barrage of “What are those?” & “Where did you get them?” are sure to follow. We apologize for nothing.

imageSonja Boyajian Bulgari Bangle No. 1, E.) Cornelia Wrist Cuff
All that sparkles is your pretty booty strutting down Valenica to the beat of your own drum. Even though gold is seen as an opposite color way for the holiday. But who made the rules right? They’re meant to be broken. This brilliant bling is great to dress up or down so whatever you’re feeling, you know safely that these pieces got your back.

imageAraks Dylan Panty in Engine
To whom that are wanting to lounge on Sunday and eat their weight in overpriced chocolate well rest assure that this fine selection of underwear will not judge your life choices. Heck, we wouldn’t either. Kick back and sift through the box of Russian roulette type chocolates and expand with pride. Fuck it.

<img data-orig-height="3454" data-orig-width="2456" alt="image" src=" from all of us.

Photography by Anthony Rogers, Fashion Styling by Danielle Wallis, All pieces were sourced from Anaise on Guerrero, check out what they have for your S.A.D needs. Want material goods that’ll make you laugh this Valentines Day? You’re more than welcome. Did you know we launched the newest editorial campaign on our site? See why the bay is the best of the west.

Don’t Get Mad, Get S.A.D: Gifts To Buy Yourself This Feb. 14th

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