Get It Beauty: Korean Dream Enters The US Market


Korean products; such as Tony Moly, Etude Mouse and Moonshot all have products that are selling off the
shelves very quickly and are high in demand. To the point where backorders
are created and many have to wait weeks to get their hands on their beloved
products. As a former employee of Urban Outfitters—a popular store chain that
sells Korean products—I’ve witnessed for myself how fast these face masks,
creams and makeup products quickly sell out. And it’s not so much because of its
popularity, but because they are products that actually work, are easy to use
and bring a level a simplicity to its users. If there’s one thing that people
love and want is the opportunity to live an easy and simple lifestyle, and
these products provide that for them.


If you can offer a
product that cares about the well-being of its potential users, provides positivity,
safety and love, then there’s a great chance your products will do well. Korean
products have done just that, and well the American market is loving it. So are
you ready to be a part of the new movement?

Written by Brisa Gomez, Photography by Anthony Rogers, Fashion Editor – Danielle Wallis, Beauty Editor – Victor Cembellin, Model – Caina of SCOUT Modeling, Illustrations by Alec Lu. Check out the newest beauty looks the bay has to offer. Need a moment to treat yo self? This list of best SF Spas will be your best friend.

Get It Beauty: Korean Dream Enters The US Market

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