The Go-Getter’s Guide: 24 Hours In Fairfax — Eat + Drink & Play


M&G Burgers and Beverages // 2017 Sir Francis Drake Blvd

A small cosy burger shack on the outskirts of town. It is unassuming, rustic and relaxed; a great hangover cure! The menu is a class all-American fare, think hefty burgers and hotdogs served with their signature crinkle cut fries and all the trimmings. A favourite is the Hypocrite Burger — for those fairweather veggies, M&G gives you a garden burger topped with all the stops.

imagePeri’s Silver Dollar Bar // 29 Broadway Blvd

Nestled in between several other Fairfax haunts, Peris is the perfect dive bar — dark, moody and most importantly, cheap. Most nights you can head to Peri’s and catch local talent as well as touring bands. Not always the best music but guaranteed fun. Don’t be shy to get on that dance floor either. A highlight, hands down the bathroom. An Elvis tribute from floor to high ceiling, it is a mesmerizing wall of snapshots, trinkets, lyrics and guitars. Go ahead and get your Snapchat in while visiting.

imageFairfax Ecofest

Sadly the Ecofest comes but once a year, but it’s still worth a spot on the list. From the 11th to the 12th of June, you can get a real feel for what makes this town the best by visiting the Fairfax Festival. Between locally sourced food and organic wine tasting, carefully curated flea markets and live music on every corner, it can be easy to forget the message at heart. But never fear, they display several stalls hoping to educate you on economic and social issues. If it gets a bit heavy for you, get back to that wine tasting tent and sip (and spit, if that’s your thing) the day away.

imageSorella Cafe // 107 Bolinas Rd

An ideal-refuel date night, get ready for those enormous pasta plates. A cute restaurant that the locals flock to on weekends, be prepared for wait times upwards of 40 minutes. With generous portions of Italian home cooking, servers offer fresh pepper as well as parmesan cheese from a huge wheel which you are encouraged to scrape out yourself. My personal favourite part is the end of the meal when they bring you the bill AND Haribo gummy bears.

imageWu Wei Temple // 1820 Sir Francis Drake Blvd

If pasta and boozing ain’t your thing, then try the Temple out for a variety of soothing teas in a calm eastern setting. If there’s something you’ve been dying to sip on, you will likely find it here — small batches and rare teas featured on their menu is a no-brainer for those types of connoisseurs. Wu Wei also holds storytelling nights, if you feel like getting neighbourly with the locals and sharing some wicked tales of the past.

Written by Eirinie Carson, take a quick adventure with this helpful outer-city guide. Need some new hot spots on your list? We know a few good ones.

The Go-Getter’s Guide: 24 Hours In Fairfax — Eat + Drink & Play

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