Introducing the W Bomber Jacket: 2-in-1 Bomber Jackets by WHICHKIM


We’re incredibly lucky to live in an era where the gender line is being blurred. What’s even more amazing is that brands aren’t afraid anymore to make it clear they are striving to be unisex like WHICHKIM. I remember the days when you were practically pressured to be a frilly loving pastel pink girl and a sports loving, oversized clothes guy. Before it was almost nerve-wracking to people the thought of having unisex clothes to now where both guys and girls get excited together at the thought of buying the same unisex item.

At this point, if it hasn’t hit you WHICHKIM is essentially a nice guy brand then the next part will make your heart soften. Being founded in the Bay WHICHKIM wants to give all it can back to the community that helped nurture its brand so to say thanks with the WHICHKIM Indiegogo Campaign they will donate 10% of their sales to Vincent Academy’s art program located in Oakland California, to give back to the community and help inspire and nurture young future artists.

imagehelp support the WHICKIM team as they make their funding goal and man, they are so close!

Written by Allison Hill — Support local makers and check them all out here.

Introducing the W Bomber Jacket: 2-in-1 Bomber Jackets by WHICHKIM

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