San Francisco’s Hot Dog Moment


Dapper Dog

The Castro’s Dapper Dog regularly serves up a creative menu of Niman Ranch hot dogs. Choose from beef, chicken, or vegetarian meats in your choice of: the Bahn Mi Dog, complete with sriracha mayo, pickled carrots, cucumber, jalapeño, and cilantro, the Wake Up Dog served with fried egg, bacon, and cheese, or Chicago Dog, complete with a crunchy pickle. // 417 Castro Street

imageBatter Up

Best corn dogs in SF? Probably. Get yourself a “Triple Play,” and you can choose three different kinds of sausages to try on a stick, expertly dipped in a sweet cornmeal coating. Also if you must compare sizes of this monstrous dog, please avoid comparing it to your face… #totesawkward. // 888 Geneva Avenue

imageBacon Dog Cart

If you’ve never had a bacon-wrapped hot dog, then congratulations—you’ve probably never been shitfaced drunk! Typically found around Delirium and Monk’s Kettle on 16th Street, these babies are the ultimate drunchie: store-bought buns, Costco dogs, all wrapped in greasy bacon. The point is, don’t attempt to eat these sober. // Everywhere after 11 p.m.


They may call themselves “Underdog,” but they are certainly Top Dog on the scene. This spot serves sausages made from ethically-treated animals, raised on non-GMO natural feeds—only the best for this belly! You should know that this spot makes a MEAN vegan dog (made of wheat) that you can top with grilled or raw onions, slaw, roasted garlic, peppers, cheese (vegan or regular), and much more. // 1634 Irving Street

imageRosamunde Sausage Grill

You never really realize how important a bun is to a dog (or is this case, sausage) until you’ve tasted Rosamunde’s French bread buns. Besides the buns though (this might be a record for the most time buns has been used in so few sentences), they have a sausage for everyone. From classic knockwurst, to adventurous options, like chicken habanero (smoked in tequila) and duck with fig. You can even get your hands on a Berlin-style currywurst here. // 2832 Mission Street

Written by the Bob Cut Editors, photos sourced from the respective businesses’ yelps — Need more bites? Check out the 50 places to eat, drink, and dine in the Bay Area.

San Francisco’s Hot Dog Moment

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