5 New Restaurants + Bars To Try in San Francisco

Sushi Hon

Making modern art that the people can enjoy, this a la carte sushi spot is contending for the most mouthwatering seafood this side of the bay. Go ahead and get yourself an Omakase that is A. Budget-friendly and B. Palette satiating. While we’re on the topic of things you need to try, get yourself a Shibuya Shuffle. We promise it’s everything you need and more. // 2598 Harrison St, Mission, sushihonsf.com


out of their “private member’s only” club, the owners soon grew bored
of the whole private club trend in San
Francisco and have opened it up to the public as well as given the space
a well-deserved makeover. HOORAY! Serving bar snacks like baked
oysters, oysters on the half shell, ham and cheese finger sandwiches,
and pickled octopus — get your fill until 9:30 p.m. when the big boy
drinks come out to play. // 360 Jessie St, SoMa, thecavaliersf.com


This is the gluten-free heaven you didn’t know you needed. Everything from gluten-free muffins to even pizza, this little shop is making waves in our hearts. Did we mention that they also served sesame seed buns as well? Let us tell you, their buns don’t lie. Now with a permanent home in downtown, all can enjoy the Glütless goodness. // 325 Mason St, Union Square, glutless.com

Scopo Divino

Born from the need to create good ole’ conversation over wine, Scopo Divino is taking the person to person connection quite serious with their intimate floor plan. Their 1,000-bottle wine list is seriously no joke and their membership club is the gift that keeps on giving. We suggest bringing a date, work dinner, or family to this happening spot in Pacific Heights. You can thank us later. // 2800 California St, Pacific Heights, scopodivino.com

Standard Deviant Brewing

Even though we feel like a new brewery is always opening in SF, this one takes the cake. Meet Standard Deviant Brewing, a new brewpub that lives in a former auto-body shop in the Mission.
Which means, yes, the space is industrial with high ceilings and
communal picnic tables, and a 26-foot bar made from a single slab of
redwood. This team of brew babes (men) are updating their following on Facebook daily so tune in for more! // 280 14th St, Mission, standarddeviantbrewing.com

Written by Anthony Rogers, photos sourced from the respective businesses + UrbanDaddy.com — Get more foodie news in your inbox weekly, it’s like the dessert at the end of a long 4-course meal.

5 New Restaurants + Bars To Try in San Francisco

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