This Product Designer and Founder Will Make You Crave Her Latest Product


If you haven’t been acquainted with the lady who’s changed the sex industry in SF, well, it’s time to get to know her. Ti Chang, the co-founder and designer of Crave, is making the vibrator world just a little more chic.

Being idealistic driven to work on something that is meaningful and makes the world a better place, Ti Chang has been improving the sex of women Bay Area wide with her trending “vibrator-necklace” The Vesper. This quiet and discreet necklace is the silent word that all San Franciscan women know and use. To describe the sex life of Bay Area Crave users is to say the least, chic.

We got to catch up with Ti Chang as she got to take us through the process of sex toy design and how the Vesper blew up over night.

BC: Give us some background on yourself, designer to now a co-founder, what has been the most satisfying portion of your career?

TC: There is nothing more fulfilling for me than receiving emails from customers who say that our products have enhanced their love lives, or women who feel sexually empowered when they wear our products. I am grateful to be able to wake up everyday to work on something that makes a positive impact on people’s lives.

Ti’s contributions to the sex industry of San Francisco have set her apart as not only an industrial designer but as a voice to women who choose how sex is represented in their lives.

I co-founded Crave to elevate the conversation around sex toys for women, to make it clear that pleasure and desire should not be a source of shame and stigma.


BC: How did CRAVE come to be? A simple need or something you wanted to give back to the community?

TC: I never wanted to work just for the sake of work and paying my bills. From the beginning of my career, I started by designing products for women, as their specific needs have been long underserved by the lack of female industrial designers. That is changing, but there are still many industries that sell to women but don’t really design for women. The adult toy business is a great example of this. For decades, this industry has been heavily male-dominated and the landscape of poorly designed products reflects that. I believe a sex toy can be luxurious and desirable – and just as sophisticated as any other consumer product you have in your life.

As proud owners of the Vesper ourselves, the atmosphere changes when we wear them in public. It’s like we’re speaking a secret language that only an insider group of women can talk about, it’s exhilarating.

Vesper is a unique piece that is both a striking statement necklace as well as a powerful external vibrator. It is made from surgical stainless steel, has multiple speeds, and recharges via USB.

The discreet-but-intriguing design of the Vesper is always a great conversation starter when women wear it as an accessory for daytime or evening.

BC: Give us a run through of the famed Vesper! It’s super simple and sleek, the buyers rave HIGHLY about it.

TC: We hear from women who love how elegant and effective it is. It’s also been a great gifting item, especially with the optional engraving – we see lots of women buy them as bridesmaids’ gifts. 


When talking about San Francisco in the sex context, we were curious as to why the Bay Area? Why talk about toys in the bay? “Bay Area is certainly not missing or lacking in the sex department! Are you kidding? I live in SOMA and practically a block from Folsom Street Fair. I adore San Francisco for the open attitude around sexuality and support of LGBTQ community.“

And don’t worry, Crave makes other beautiful sex toys that are just as powerful as the famed Vesper, “Duet is another one of my personal favorites. It is a dual motor vibe like no other. It is designed to surround the clitoris in the most divine way. Not only is it super-sleek and luxurious, but it’s also incredibly strong for such a compact size. Pro tip: You MUST try it in the TURBO mode!


So what is Ti Chang up to when it comes to getting away and having a moment of relaxation? “My boyfriend and I usually try to get out of the city and discover rural California, for example old mining towns or gold rush towns hidden away. We love road trips – he loves to drive and I love to sleep, so it’s perfect!


Muni or Bart: I don’t take either.

Burrito or Hotdog (when drunk): Hotdog

Valencia Street Shopping or Hayes Valley Shopping: Valencia for vintage clothes and antiques, and Hayes Valley for jewelry

Lyft or Uber: LYFT

Brunch or Happy Hour: BRUNCH

Must-Go-To nightlife: Leo’s Oyster Bar

Fave Tourist Attraction: Trish’s Mini Donuts at Fisherman’s Wharf


// You need to check out Ti and her products on Crave’s main page! You’re gonna go bananas.

Written by Anthony Rogers, photographed by Jenifer Keffer, styling by Danielle Wallis, beauty by Andromeda Quan, assisted by Ashley Tarr — Meet more influential Bay Area residents here, you won’t want to miss a beat. Or subscribe to our newsletter for more.

This Product Designer and Founder Will Make You Crave Her Latest Product

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