We’re Gay For The New Rainbow Roads in the Castro

Now that’s gross.

The team behind When We Rise did pledge to foot the bill for the replacement. As you can see, the filming took the weekend and part of the week to film in it’s entirety. In order to make the Castro look like the 1970’s — the roads were left a lot of black gaffers residue that couldn’t be cleaned even with a
power washing.

<img data-orig-width="1300" data-orig-height="975" src="http://static1.squarespace.com/static/58393163bebafb6551265dd9/583932e357bf42f996cea64b/5839330257bf42f996ceae6a/1480145302679/tumblr_inline_odhf9qZtTW1qcg0hm_540.jpg. HOORAY!

Written by Anthony Rogers, photos sourced from Curbed SF, Hoodline, and NBC Bay Area — What are your favorite spots in the Castro though? We’re all ears. By the way, subscribe to our newsletter and never miss a Bay Area beat.

We’re Gay For The New Rainbow Roads in the Castro

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