A Dog’s New Best Friend: Bio Bag Is Cleaning Up SF’s Poopy Problem With Easy To Use Disposal Tools

And we get it — SF’s lack of proper disposals for your furry friend’s number 2 is by far insulting. This newest program (which kicked off last weekend) is working surprisingly well.

Instead on considering the waste merely garbage, SF has now declared that your best companion’s poop can now be classified as compost. Kind of sick? You’ve got to hear us out on this. According to the Chronicle,
ensuring a much richer terroir for our
Napa and Sonoma vintner friends, your pet’s droppings could help further the lifespan of wine for those to enjoy. Is this considered a win-win?

A company called BioBags
is providing park-goers with compostable dog bags, a specialized
receptacle, and a pickup service to haul away the future-fertilizer. With much success at Potrero’s Starr King Open Space, dog owners have clearly made their point with the straightforwardness.

“We tried to start this dog waste collection initiative at Duboce Park
and BioBag even offered to pay the cost for the first year but the city
department in charge of the park would not allow it,” BioBag vice
president of market development Mark Williams told the Chronicle. “So
we’re happy the folks at the Starr King Open Space took us up on our
offer to demonstrate this is an effective way to reduce landfill for
Zero Waste objectives.”

And with being the only program in California to have enacted, BioBag’s hope is to spread further outside the Bay Area. Our friends over in L.A. could use a hand… err… bag.

The goal of San Francisco is to be a “zero-waste city” by 2020, so BioBag has their work cut out for them.

Starr King Open Space for the proper baggage, receptacles, and bins for your puppies behind. (1215 Carolina St, Mission)

Written by Anthony Rogers, photos sourced by US News & The Daily Treat — Do you have a little friend at home? Would they benefit a dog’s only guide? You should let us know on Twitter. Or by sending us a tip to our tipline.

A Dog’s New Best Friend: Bio Bag Is Cleaning Up SF’s Poopy Problem With Easy To Use Disposal Tools

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