Off The Menu: If You Haven’t Tried Baked Bear — You’re Doing Your Arteries A Favor

Shortly after, The Baked Bear was born, opening on May 4th,
2013 in Pacific Beach, CA, where the lines began forming down the
street. Now stationed at Fisherman’s Wharf (and at Grant St & Columbus Ave) for all of the hungry tourists, the dream has certainly become a reality.

While becoming the most Instagrammable ice cream sandwich on the west coast, Baked Bear hasn’t stopped making inconceivable ice cream treats… we mean…

Despite there “really only being six items on the menu,” there are 1,500
combinations to choose from, says Robbins. Options include baked
in-house cookies, waffles, brownies and donuts with craft ice cream, and
the signature Bear Bowl, which is a warm chocolate chip cookie pie topped with a scoop of ice cream.

Here’s how it that process works:

    – Choose your bottom and your top. Yes, you can mix and match cookies, if you like!

    – Choose your ice cream.

    – Choose a topping.

    – Have your creation hot-pressed, if you like.

      Warm cookies with ice cream in the center? Someone has answered our prayers.

      // If you’ve already made the decision to purchase one, go to either 2824 Jones Street or 303 Columbus Ave to get yours. Both locations are open daily starting at 11 a.m.

      Written by Anthony Rogers, photos sourced from Eater San Diego, Heejin L. on Yelp, and Baked Bear’s Instagram — The foodie news never stops in the Bay Area so sign up for our newsletter NOW!

      Off The Menu: If You Haven’t Tried Baked Bear — You’re Doing Your Arteries A Favor

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