Locals We Love: In The Closet with Jess Egbu a.k.a The Oxfordist

writer of her blog

and the community manager at Betabrand, she is always on the go. But, she is in charge of her own style.

I first met Jessica at Edinburgh Castle Pub in the Tenderloin two years ago when we were both studying at The Academy of Art University. We hit it off immediately.

Scrolling throughout her blog, The Oxfordist, you will notice how effortless Jessica’s personal style is. She is quick to disagree, however, she later admits that she never plans an outfit out the night before, because to her, fashion should never be stressful. She believes it should always be natural — Which is telling of her effortless persona!

She credits her mom for her creativity energy, praises Alexa Chung for her day dreams, and believes Kanye West has the best celebrity style.

Click the video above and spend some time with me In The Closet With Jessica as she tells us more about her personal style, favorite social media platforms, and the one trend that she can’t get away from.

// Check out Jess on her Instagram here!

Written by Joey Gonzales, image and video by Joey Gonzales — Joey is a style writer based in San Francisco, CA. Meet more locals we love here. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more Bay Area cognoscente.

Locals We Love: In The Closet with Jess Egbu a.k.a The Oxfordist

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