Shoes That Feel Like Home: Llani Shoes Kicks Off Kickstarter

Llani | shoes for the home
is a globally-inspired shoe collection, and is the result of a
partnership between a seasoned shoe designer and a coterie of immensely
talented artisans & craftsmen she has met while working in India. “Llani” is the Alana’s childhood nickname which rolls off the tounge.  Llani slippers, flats, and slides are hand-crafted with a touch of luxurious coziness that takes the edge off your day.

If you ever feel like your feet are missing the perfect companion to a house’s foundation — Llani is here to complete the look but also offer a comforting piece of mind.

“I wanted to create a brand for a fiercely independent woman, a
bold-spirited creative like myself.” Alana states on her companies’ Kickstarter, “the women in my life inspire me with
their ambition and taste for the elegant things in life. Although she
may be always on the go — gracefully balancing family, friends, and
career — a sense of feeling at home is important to her. Our slippers,
flats, and slides give her that comfort of home, from anywhere — at her
desk, on the plane, or running to the florist.”

If you’re wondering how the shoes will come to be, Llani is made with design and production partners in Delhi and Agra,
India. The factory they work with is family-owned and female-founded. The
founder’s daughter now runs it along with a trading company that she
owns with her father. Llani takes great care to work with only high-quality
materials such as leather, suede, and genuine shearling while maintaining
close working relationships with our vendors. The embellishments —
beading, trims, and motifs — are also delicately created by hand. Every shoe in the line is one of
a kind.

Check out these fab foot aesthetics and see why Llani is your next shoe purchase.


// Need more info? Go ahead and support Llani shoes as they make their big debut. Get them kickstarted.

Written by Anthony Rogers, photos sourced from Llani’s Kickstarter — Need more Bay Area style? Find the best of Bay Area fashion here because it’s tres chic! Subscribe to our newsletter while you’re at it!

Shoes That Feel Like Home: Llani Shoes Kicks Off Kickstarter

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