Sport A New Do: 4 Salons To Be A Hair Model in the Bay Area

Because you may be a creature of constant change, let’s let your hair show it. These favorite salons are on the constant look out for willing hair models and we promise you, they don’t disappoint.

Cinta Salon

Located in the heart of Union Square, Cinta Salon is known for educating some of San Francisco’s top hair stylists. Some go on to run their own salons while others continue their training at the Grant St location. As a model for Cinta Salon, you can proudly sport the latest in hair fashion at a fraction of the normal cost. Be prepared to spend extra time at the salon, and be assured that all work is done by licensed stylists under the guidance of a senior stylist. // 23 Grant Ave, Union Square, Model Hotline — (415) 989-1000 ×203,

your friends asking where did you get styled? // 601 Haight St, Haight Ashbury, Learn more about hair modeling here,

<img src=" by on Monday’s and let the team know what you’re aiming for, from there you’ll be match with a student who best suits your expectations. // 177 Post Street, 2nd Floor, Union Square, More hair modeling info here,

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More info on being a hair model,

Written by the Bob Cut Editors, photographs by Cinta Salon, Danielle Rueda, di Pietro Todd, and Festoon — Are you a beauty junkie? Have you seen who made our Best of Beauty 2016 list? Go get gorgeous.

Sport A New Do: 4 Salons To Be A Hair Model in the Bay Area

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