VotePlz Is Encouraging Millennials To Vote By Printing Their Forms And Sending Them Stamps

Let’s be real — if you haven’t registered, what are you doing? You got to thank this startup huh?

Listen, we get it. People age 22 – 35 just don’t want to get their asses down to a local voting house and fill in a couple opinion boxes. We hear you, tough stuff.

Enter VotePlz, a startup voting system that aims to
streamline the analog registration process for a digital generation.
“It’s already hard enough to register, and if people already aren’t
super-psyched about it anyways, then they won’t do it,” Fouad Matin tells the
Chronicle. “When I want a ride, I pull out my phone, I press one button,
then I press another button, then a car comes up and I get in it. So
why is registering to vote so much more difficult?”

Erika Reinhardt, and Fouad Matin, the co-founders of a nonprofit
voter registration startup in San Francisco’s Mission District have been getting the young ones into the scene of making sure their votes are heard this coming November.

Since so many millennials lack the printers to get their registration ready — VotePlz lets them fill out registration forms online, then prints their
forms out and mails them to budding voters to be signed and sent in.

"Our grandparents vote in huge numbers,” reads the VotePlz website, “but
we’re the ones who will be living with their decisions, so we need to
make our voices heard. The 2012 election was decided by Millennial
turnout. And this election should be too.” And best of all, VotePlz has been able to get 75,000 users to its site in just a few weeks. Now that’s power in numbers.

The goal is simple… to provide the information and tools to make voting the most
straightforward and easy process it can be. Also, their website is pretty stylish. #Jealous.

// The company is also offering “$1,040,000 in prizes for getting your friends to check their voter registration!” You know, college funds.

Written by the Bob Cut Editors, photos sourced for Wikimedia Commons — Are you registered to vote? IT TAKES A MINUTE AND THIRTY FOUR SECONDS. Also, subscribe to our newsletter for more Bay Area all the time.

VotePlz Is Encouraging Millennials To Vote By Printing Their Forms And Sending Them Stamps

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