Off The Menu: Fly Bar Closes On Sutter

Tablehopper reported
in August that the establishment had been sold, meeting a fate similar
to that of its twin Fly Bar on Divisadero. That location, the original
of the two, sold to new owners in March. With no news as to a name change, Hoodline reported that this particular portion of Fly Bar will shut down for good on Sunday and everyone will be laid off.

Original owner Matt Sturm suggests that his former workers should go make more money in the tech field. The space’s new owners Mark and
Terry Miller will close it for several months for renovations before
unveiling the thoughtfully-named neighborhood pub “Miller’s.” As we are seeing resurgence in business growth popping up in that area, we see the later of great spaces closing their doors for good.

Sturm took over 1085 Sutter Street in 2005 to open Brick Restaurant, converting the space to his second Fly Bar in 2009.

Bon voyage.

// 1085 Sutter St, Nob Hill,

Written by Anthony Rogers, photo sourced from Yelp — Our best of bars guide will quench your thirst. Sadly, you won’t see Fly Bar on there anymore.

Off The Menu: Fly Bar Closes On Sutter

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