Sony Entertainment Issues Copyright Infringement Towards Supervisor Scott Wiener


Do you ever feel like you’re getting sued? Well senate potential and supervisor Scott Wiener has gotten into a heap of trouble for parodying Katy Perry’s “Firework.”

And let us tell you, it may make you cringe.

As the race between Jane Kim and Scott Wiener heats up, reaching a millennial vote comes at any cost. For Wiener, his parody music video with local drag queens Carnie Asada, Au Jus, and Miz Palou has caught the attention of Sony Music Entertainment and they’re one not too thrilled.

Sung to Perry’s “Firework,” the take-off features questionable lyrics
like “Do you ever feel, where the hell’s Muni” and “Do you know who
works / hard for me and you / he’s tall and smart and true.” Original? Maybe. Catchy? Unfortunately.

Check out this video here and continue reading.

“Sony is dropping the boom on our kick-ass drag queen campaign video,”
Wiener writes, “citing copyright laws. The queens are doing the work and
appealing to the great Katy Perry to keep the music going.” They’ve even penned an open letter. Titled “Save Our Music Video”, the hopes are to reach an agreement with Perry’s entertainment agency to continue to campaign with her song. Commenters on Wiener’s campaign video are absolutely gagging for it. “I LOVE IT!!!!!!GOOD LUCK SCOTT WIENER!!!!! MY VOTE W’LL BE FOR YOU!!!!!!!“ writes ones overly enthusiastic caps lock lover while another posts, “I
wasn’t planning on watching the entire video but the music is one of my
favorite tunes. It was even nice seeing Scott Wiener appearing in the
video as the three moved out of the way one at a time.  I liked how the
lyrics were changed as well, pretty clever.  Best of luck Scott Wiener.”

The queen’s wrote in their open letter, “Sony recently sent a letter asking us to take the video down due to
copyright rules. While we respect these laws (and your [Katy Perry] artistic
rights!), we would love to keep playing this fun video. Would you please
help us and talk to Sony so that we can keep playing our video?”

Meanwhile, Supervisor Peskin publicly suspects foul play. “My
question… is did Scott write to Sony and ask them to file a
cease-and-desist letter so he’d get more publicity?” he wonders to the
Chronicle. Like a sour version of the hunger games.

There was no immediate word from either Sony or Perry on the drag
queens’ request. And on Wednesday, the video championing Wiener as the
right choice against fellow Supervisor Jane Kim for state assembly still
remained on his Facebook, pinned in the top position.

Thoughts? Did you love or hate the music video? If you haven’t seen, supervisor Jane Kim took the next step and became a drag queen herself. Pretty impressed, we gotta say.

Written by Anthony Rogers, photo screenshotted from the “Do The Work” music video — Stay in the know with our newsletter.

Sony Entertainment Issues Copyright Infringement Towards Supervisor Scott Wiener

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