Jenny Sharaf Gets Experimental with Freda Salvador

Freda Salvador; A chic little boutique sitting on Fillmore street it boasts an amazing collection of unique and quirky shoes. Definitely a place to mentally bookmark for the people who love shopping San Francisco boutiques. Any style maven knows that this Sausalito-based footwear brand is a definite must-have.

For those who haven’t discovered Jenny Sharaf is a funky Californian artist practicing her art here in San Francisco. Sharaf combines her family background with the film industry and dreams up abstract art that those in the know of young culture can truly understand. She’s a woman of multiple talents and doesn’t stop with one medium, her wide range ranging from installations to even digital prints have graced iD Magazine, 7×7, KQED, Hi-Fructose and more. Staring at her work will guide you through an imaginative day dream and will make you roll your head literally and mentally — in all the best ways.

And yes, you get to meet the artist herself. It’s thanks to the Freda gals who are showcasing their love of local art through ARTIST & MAKER, the mission is to spotlight and help give notice to our amazing Bay Area artists while promoting unique creative talent in person! The only thing at this point stopping you from attending is the fear of spending all of your paycheck on some stellar art and shoes! Sorry, rent.

// So check it on Thursday October 13th from 6-8PM at the Freda Salvador Boutique on 2416 Fillmore st!

Written by Allison Hill, photos courtesy of Freda Salvador — Don’t miss a Bay Area beat with our fab newsletter! Subscribe now!

Jenny Sharaf Gets Experimental with Freda Salvador

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