Off The Menu: The Rambler Opens Today!

A white cheddar cheeseburger with red
onion-bacon jam, pickles and fries is $17. Other entree’s include the California king salmon ($32), roast chicken ($27), heritage
pork chop ($29) and braised rabbit pot pie ($26). Most of the plates are best made for sharing so don’t be greedy.

Simone Mims, the cocktail master of Rambler, is serving up some of California’s favorites infused with her own splash — Mims’ Grape Expectations, which combines Bolivian brandy, dry curacao,
cane syrup and tarragon. Another is the Mele, a foam-topped mix of apple
and fennel juices, ginger and gin. 

// 545 Post St., FiDi, — Hours will be 5:30-10pm Sunday-Wednesday, and 5:30-11pm Thursday-Saturday.

Written by Anthony Rogers, photos sourced from the Rambler Instagram and the Hotel Zeppelin Instagram — Need more foodie news? Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter.

Off The Menu: The Rambler Opens Today!

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