“What’s Going On With Munchery?” — Seeks New CEO

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This San Francisco-based meal delivery service is in a little hot water facing their loss of funds, the inability to raise new ones, and oh… no CEO. According to Bloomberg, this marks the latest and perhaps most significant challenge for a company marred by neighbor complaints, allegations of lax food safety, and code violations. In other words, yikes.

Fighting tooth and nail with their direct opponent Blue Apron and competing with the popularity of Ayesha Curry’s service, Gather, it hasn’t been looking good for the team over at Munchery. Valued at $275 million of last year, Munchery board director told Bloomberg that the business is losing $3 million a month — which is quite a lot of money.

In search for a replacement for current CEO Tri Tran, it will make the second major executive shakeup at Munchery this year… How? In March, the founder of La Boulange Pascal Rigo, who maned the Chief Customer Experience Officer for just five months citing that the company, “did not share anymore their strategy for growth and their ‘vision’ for the future.” It’s like he was getting a tour of the red flag factory.

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“What’s Going On With Munchery?” — Seeks New CEO

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