‘Truth is Beauty’ Lit Up San Leandro Bart Station’s Night Sky Last Tuesday


To the lady who has graced denizens of Burning Man and Treasure Island Music Festival — San Leandro celebrated the completion of Phase 1 of the San Leandro Tech Campus and an inaugural lighting of Truth is Beauty by artist Marco Cochrane commenced.

Hosting the grand opening of the San Leandro Tech Campus (SLTC), Truth Is Beauty made her East Bay debut and lit up the campus for new and innovative possibilities. And she doesn’t disappoint.

The lighting of Cochrane’s 55-foot woman comes as major milestones for San Leandro, a city moving from an industrial past to a technology-focused future. “SLTC is the result of more than 10 years of planning to provide the
City of San Leandro and the surrounding community with a
transit-oriented, state-of-the-art, technology-focused, Class-A business
campus that will create jobs and accelerate the city’s transformation,”
said Gaye Quinn the managing director of the Westlake Urban, “This stunning public sculpture is already stimulating a vital
conversation about what the world would be like if women were safe. It
is our hope that the sculpture will help to foster inclusion and safety
and create long-lasting connections with SLTC employees and the

Phase 1 of the campus includes a 132,000 square foot office building,
which is fully leased as the world headquarters of OSIsoft; a six-story
parking garage; and a new plaza that features Truth is Beauty,
Marco Cochrane’s Burning Man-inspired sculpture and SLTC’s public art
piece. The sculpture poses a timely, compelling question: “What would
the world be like if women were safe?” Inviting us to think deeply about
how to create environments that are safe, where women are respected,
and where communities can thrive. From what we can see, San Leandro wants to shake it’s rocky past by beaming into the innovative future. You go, San Lean.

Bob Cut Editors, photos sourced from The Registry — Art in the Bay Area is popping up. Have you seen some really cool art? Send us a tip! We’re dying to know.

‘Truth is Beauty’ Lit Up San Leandro Bart Station’s Night Sky Last Tuesday

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