You Can Now Rent The Hillsborough ‘Flintstone House’ On Airbnb

<img src=" million), the house has recently gone on Airbnb as a rental home for 6. For $750 per night, you can relive your childhood memories in this very chic 3 bed/3 bath home.

The three-bedroom house was constructed in 1976
and served to test out a new construction technique. Architect William
Nicholson designed the building, and, as a first glance might suggest,
giant inflatable balloons were used in the building process. “If you mention you are staying in the Flintstone House, everyone will
know what you are talking about. The sunken conversation pit with
fireplace and 30 foot ceilings is a wonderful place to relax by yourself
or with friends. The house does not have any corners and all the walls
are curved,” says owner Korie about her iconic space next to the highway.

Though if you were thinking about a last minute party or Halloween shindig, think again — sadly, no parties are allowed and special events have to be made with the owner before hand, “special events/parties may be allowed at a premium price as negotiated with owner.” But from what we can tell, mixing a bit of iconism of the building and the interior lust we crave, we could easily see ourselves getting away for the weekend and also getting a story to tell our co-workers later.


Written by the Bob Cut Editors, photos courtesy of Airbnb — Got any wacky or LOL worthy news we need to know about? Drop us a line!

You Can Now Rent The Hillsborough ‘Flintstone House’ On Airbnb

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