5 Exotic Date Ideas — Trust Us, They’re Pretty Good

Tonga Room

Exactly as the name implies, found hidden within the Fairmont Hotel on California St, prepare to experience water, a band, and tiki-inspired cocktails that’ll blow your socks off. What’s the kicker for being “first date” material — the live jazz band that plays excellent tunes as they surf the open water. Make sure to get a table next to the railing for maximum experience.
// 950 Mason St (California Entrance), Nob Hill, tongaroom.com

Ganja Yoga

For the love birds that toke together, forget going behind an alley or onto a stoop — yoga and ganja expert Dee Dussault has been expertly crafting the art of mindful exercise mixed certified hatha yoga while all the more blazing it up. This cannabis-enhanced stretch will seriously work you both out and the bonding experience is too good to pass up. // meetup.com/Ganja-Yoga/


Okay, so we lied a little, a really good dinner date can set the mood for sure but picking the right dinner date is definitely a challenge. Calzone on Columbus is the ultimate “sit outside under a heat lamp” type of experience. Combined with moody outdoor lighting and a light Italian soundtrack playing in the background, this is a sure fire date to think, “(s)he’s got money.” // 430 Columbus Ave, Little Italy, calzonesf.com

Lotta’s Bakery

A little quickie, a fun place to meet up because a.) this bakery serves delicious Macaron’s (as seen in our first issue) and b.) it doubles as a highly coveted vintage and antique store. Get the best of both a sweet tooth and treasure finder. Mixing between timeless jewelry and items never before seen, stepping into Lotta’s Bakery is like stepping into a very historic closet. // 1720 Polk St, Nob Hill, lottasbakerysf.com


This sound experience will leave you breathless. Picture this — a dark room where sound is your only captivator. You’ll get to feel real acoustics swirl around your mind as it plays low and soft among the crowd of 40 peeps. Ideal for a date who wants to take a chill pill. Unlike ganja yoga, all you have to do is sit back and let the atmosphere take you. It’s a wild ride for sure. // 1616 Bush St, Lower Pac Heights, audium.org

Written by Anthony Rogers, photos courtesy of the respective businesses — Do you have a better date idea? Send us a tip and we’ll update this list. Also, while you’re at it, subscribe to our newsletter.

5 Exotic Date Ideas — Trust Us, They’re Pretty Good

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