Adobe Invents The Photoshop for Voices — Project Voco

And yes, it’s as scary as you think.

We are now coming to a point where anything you say, can and will be manipulated in a court of law, home, privacy, or security. Anything you might say, will be said regardless if you said it or not. Having trouble keeping up? That’s how complicated it is.

Adobe has just previewed an audio editor that can take the rhythm and pitches of ones voice and completely manipulate it to say other phrases. Once Voco has learned the characteristic’s of a person’s voice, which
requires about 20 minutes of recorded speech, the software can add words
to a sentence in an eerily accurate replication of the speaker, according to Adobe developer Zeyu Jin.

“When recording voice overs, dialog, and narration, people would often
like to change or insert a word or a few words due to either a mistake
they made or simply because they would like to change part of the
narrative,” reads an official Adobe statement.

Many have brought up that this type of power could be used in the worst ways, many also bring up that anything you say can be changed for better or worse and with the recent political climate, there is no telling how the world could change. The concept of “he said, she said” immediately flies out the window. It doesn’t matter who said it.

Check out this mind blowing video below as they take co-host Jordan Peele’s voice and change it to say a multitude of different things.

Written by Anthony Rogers, screenshot pulled from the Adobe #Voco preview — What are your thoughts on this? Alarming, exciting, down right invasive? Let us know on Twitter.

Adobe Invents The Photoshop for Voices — Project Voco

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