The Unisex Pant You Didn’t Know You Needed — Meet ijji

Photographs by   Kabir FernándezPhotographs by   Kabir Fernández

Photographs by Kabir Fernández

Picture your favorite pair of pants and ask yourself, “why are they my favorite?” If your mind drummed up any of the reasons that revolve around comfort then you’ve nailed it, enter ijji: SF’s new design duo making easy-to-wear, ready-to-wear.

Out of the need for a simple pair of pants, designer Nick Sugihara went to work to design and fabricate a pair of pants that would extend past gender and fashion, coining them the “easy pants.” And the name is simple to boot, “The name comes from the Japanese word イージーパンツ (i-ji-pantsu) — a.k.a Easy Pants — which refers to any loose-fitting drawstring pant.”

So simple and very understated — we can picture these pants for all our fave Bay Area adventures and if you haven’t picked up your pair, perhaps you should. Check out the rest of the lookbook below and ogle over how gorgy these visuals are. This unisex drawstring pant with an elastic waist is great for everyday. Constructed from a tight-weave Japanese canvas that will last a long time and get better with age, it’s intended to be worn for all occasions. Say hello to Big Sur wedding season.

The fit is loose through the hips and thighs with a slight taper towards the ankle so if you have a bigger tush, they recommend sizing up.

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The Unisex Pant You Didn’t Know You Needed — Meet ijji
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