Holiday Gift Guide 2016: 10 Local Makers To Gift This Season

Photography by Ashley Tarr, styling by Danielle Wallis & Teresa TranPhotography by Ashley Tarr, styling by Danielle Wallis & Teresa Tran

Photography by Ashley Tarr, styling by Danielle Wallis & Teresa Tran

As we reflect on thoughtful gifts, we ogle at the mastery and beauty of local makers who make the Bay Area a holiday gift giving spectacle. Our editors have handpicked this years finest gift givers for any San Franciscan and beyond.




Etta + Billie

A stocking stuffer that’s, sure to wow many, is our creative editor’s favorite — Etta + Billie. All things soaps, body scrubs, and oils made in San Francisco. This beauty maven has been around the circuit, being covered in publications such as Sunset, InStyle, and many more — we can definitely see why her loyal customers rave about her products. You’ll soon love her cold-pressed soap techniques. // Etta + Billie, $10 – $15,



From what could perceive as a skincare story gone wrong, founder and skincare muse Priscilla Tsai took the negatives and made them a positive with her all-natural, organic line of high potent skincare potions. Dealing with eczema and other skin ailments all her life, Priscilla took the power back into her own hands and crafted a small batch of personal skin treats that soon took off into a full blown career. The mantra of this founder powerhouse? “To provide a clean, genuine, and affordable skincare line – all while creating a socially conscious company.” // Cocokind, $10 – $35,

Urb Apothecary

The Santa Cruz-based studio has been formulating great, holistic skincare since inception. Making small batches for friends and family as holiday gifts, Leyna found through multiple interactions that her love of organic chemistry reconnected her love for simple, cruelty-free, and natural living. Currently, Urb Apothecary is booming with multiple tours at Westcoast Craft Fair and being stocked all around NorCal. Yeah, she’s the real deal. // Urb Apothecary, $8 – $29,





Anywhere from south bay to Big Sur, scent travels far. Enter L’Aromatica, founded in the heart of the Bay Area. Scent alchemist and founder Loreto Remsing has been perfecting authentic scents of nature for all to enjoy. Most of the line is all-natural but in order to maintain vegan standards, synthetic musks are used in some of our perfumes that require musk. (L’Aromatica are against the use of real musk since animals are harmed in the extraction process.) If you seek all-natural, look for the word “all-natural” next to the perfume title. That said, none of their perfumes are purely synthetic, they are all botanically-based. // L’Aromatica, $30 – $80,



Bryr Clogs

In the blink of an eye, Bryr Clogs swooped into the SF style scene. These clogs are the newest cult must-have accessory, and have been adopted quickly as a household name across the Bay Area. Bryr Studio is a collection of hand-made clogs inspired by the west coast lifestyle. Based out of their workshop in the Dogpatch district of San Francisco, every pair of Bryr clogs are hand-made by Isobel and her small team. Bryr clogs are constructed using the strongest and most supple American leathers, and traditional European solid wood bases.  // Bryr Clogs, $260,

Dixon Rand

Combining contemporary with west coast vibes, SoCal salvage brand Dixon Rand has been re-imagining the idea of recycle and new life. From their denim, to patches and garments overturned, designer Abraham Voytek is all about the perfect stitch. His custom stitch patches are great for the guy (or gal) who wants to spice up their hand-me-downs or to even bring life into a piece long forgotten. Of course, each patch is made by hand so you know the quality is most excellent. // Dixon Rand, $25 – $40,


Shop Padrisimo

Tracking down the coolest accessories and items on the planet, stylist and founder Caroline Rooney is no stranger to stylish things in far places. Traveling the world lead to sourcing these handmade totes in Mexico City. Currently the Shop Padrisimo totes are exclusively sold at the Hero Shop on Post St, but keep in the know on the Padrisimo homepage for the store’s launch. Enter the chic vortex. // Shop Padrisimo,

Freda Salvador

Sausalito’s favorite shoe makers, Freda Salvador has been killing the footwear game the entirety of 2016. Coming out with new styles on the regular and gorgeous collaboration shoes, the SF style maven could have a hard time keeping up. Now that we’re so close to 2017, we can’t wait to see what other leather musings will come out of the brands workshop across the bridge. Though, if their shoes are not in your future, their store on Fillmore is currently cycling through many different art shows so getting introduced to the #FredaGirl won’t be an issue.  // Freda Salvador, $500,



Svensk Candles

From friends’ homes to lining storefronts Bay Area wide, Svensk Candles have become some of the most coveted jars to have. Each of these candles are hand-poured with the most high quality essential oils for premium burn time. Don’t believe us? This one woman show has now been picked up by the home and interior giants Anthropologie. We think that says it all.  // Svensk Candles, $38,


Now this is a cup made for your hand! Shawn Kam is taking ceramic skill to a whole new level as he fires mind-blowing colors from his Berkeley studio. For those who are wondering how this beautiful texture is achieved, “soda firing” is a dynamic and variable firing process wherein liquified soda carbonate is sprayed into the kiln at 2,280 F through several ports on each side. The soda spray immediately vaporizes and is swept up in the path of the flame, painting on the ware and creating a glaze. Each firing results in completely organic and unique interaction of the flame and vapor — so you’ll be getting a one of a kind cup every time.  // Luvhaus, $35 – $42,

Blue Bottle Coffee

Coffee wayfarers, this one’s for you. The Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground assortment lets you explore BB’s signature coffees—from the depths of their beloved blends to the heights of the coveted single origins. As it so happens, each envelope of Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground is also well suited for all manner of travel. Weigh anchor, and send them a postcard.  // Blue Bottle Coffee, $17.50 w/ free shipping,


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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: 10 Local Makers To Gift This Season
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