Off The Menu: Fiorella’s Outer Richmond Digs Are A Brunch Daydream

Photography by  Grace SagerPhotography by  Grace Sager

Photography by Grace Sager

And their food is pretty bomb. Laying low in the realms of the Outer Richmond, you can find Fiorella — cooking up some delish thin crust pizza and feeding the hungry brunch crowd who flock to their spot daily.

Under the direction of Dante Cecchini, former Chef de Cuisine at Marlowe, this Italian spot seriously brought fusion and passion cuisine to the table. “We are very excited to have Dante on the team and in the kitchen. When Brandon and I first began talking about opening the restaurant, we knew without a doubt that it would be a comfortable, welcoming neighborhood spot with a backbone of honesty,” explains Boris, Director of Operations for Fiorella.

Many of the new offerings shift slightly from the Fiorella classics with bright twists, like the cucumber and fennel salad, which is served in the modern California-style with long ribbons of cucumber and thinly sliced fennel over crème fraîche, and dusted with fresh mint. Holy yum.

In case you need a starter, here’s what their kitchen is cooking up. All drool-worthy we promise.

Get a peek at this Italian-deco eatery and get your Instagram ready.

// Fiorella, 2339 Clement St, Outer Richmond,

Chef Dante CecchiniChef Dante Cecchini

Chef Dante Cecchini


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Off The Menu: Fiorella’s Outer Richmond Digs Are A Brunch Daydream
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