Off The Menu: Tofino Wines Is Bringing The Napa Experience To Laurel Heights

Photos courtesy of Tofino WinePhotos courtesy of Tofino Wine

Photos courtesy of Tofino Wine

If heaven stocked wine, Tonfino’s 700+ selection would be the gates. Found at the edge of Laurel Heights on Geary, this hidden-in-plain-sight gem has a very chic interior and an array of decedent flavors. Wine-o’s, get prepared.

Tofino Wines is a new San Francisco retail wine merchant + bar. Their goal? To seek out exciting and delicious wines from all over the country—making them a stand out shop for all things tasteful. Their selection of 700+ wines is focused on small, family-run estates from classic and emerging regions in California, France, Italy and Spain, including a great range of Champagne and Sherry—two of their all-time favorite wines.  And they’re not just taking any winery, they favor producers who practice natural winemaking and make clean, precise and well-balanced wines that reflect the terroir of their particular sites.

Of course, the motto of Tofino is believed that drinking wine is integral to learning about wine. With an ever-changing and eclectic selections of wines by-the-glass at the bar, weekly tastings and other in-store events with small wine importers and wineries, there are many opportunities to discover interesting, lesser-known wines and revisit different expressions of favorite regions. As they add more wine every month to their growing retail offerings, they remain highly curated and open-minded, committed to finding delicious, interesting wines to share with you.

You’ve got to get a look into the inside of their digs, think Athens meets lower Italy-a mix between old an slightly older (in a very chic way.) Though already open for about a year and some change, we still get the “Oh, did this place just open?” remark–to our response, “not at all.” Along with a VERY impressive wine list, the bar also comes with a complimentary menu of light snacks. Though a little pricey, we especially love the cured meat plate as it pairs beautifully with whatever wine we’re swishing at the moment.

Their hours are currently Monday – Thursday from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m., Friday – Saturday from 10 a.m. – 12 a.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

// 2696 Geary Boulevard, Laurel Heights,



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Off The Menu: Tofino Wines Is Bringing The Napa Experience To Laurel Heights
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