5 Restaurants + Bars To Feast On In December

No time to waste, let’s get eating for the rest of December!


Postcards from La Costiera at MINA Test Kitchen

We know that Michael Mina’s Test Kitchen is not new but the amount of pop-up style dinners happening through the rest of the year is calling our taste buds. Postcards from La Costiera, is by far and away the best Mina Test Kitchen concept yet. This Italian-inspired concept menu by both Chefs Michael Mina and Adam Sobel’s recent trip to Italy will make you wish for a cheap one-way ticket there. Tickets for Postcards from La Costiera are $59 per person and worth every penny. We’re seriously not kidding. The yellowfin tuna crudo, the fried cauliflower with sea urchin, the black pasta with octopus, clams, garlic crumbs, and hot peppers, and the red snapper can’t be beat. // Postcards from La Costiera, minatestkitchen.com


Babu Ji

A New York haunt has planted its roots in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district — with competition such as Motze, Mission Chinese, Cha Cha Cha, etc; adding another delicious spot to your menu will be a no-brainier. The restaurant offers a chef’s tasting menu for $62, perfect for those who want to impress a date or even celebrate a fancy birthday. A must try is the Colonel Tso’s cauliflower, tandoori chicken, naan pizza, or duck curry. Plus, hello… a self serve beer fridge is a die hard yes. See you in line. // Babu Ji, babujisf.com


Salt House

You may be asking yourself, “Bob Cut… this isn’t a new place… either” to which we reply: “who made up the rules?” No but Salt House a San Francisco classic has just celebrated their 10th anniversary and in turn, celebrated the on-boarding of new Executive Chef, the talented Evan Gotanda. Their menu highlights include the tuna with uni panna cotta, poached shellfish, arugula, and pickled nori; Cavatelli verde with lamb sausage, tomato sorbet, cavolo nero, hazelnuts; short ribs with harissa-carrot puree, charred onion, lettuce, potato puree. A.K.A. All things delicious. // Salt House, salthousesf.com


Jane The Bakery

The cute little sister out of the three, Jane The Bakery takes the cake (no pun intended) on delicious bread bites that are handmade with some serious skill. With a similar menu to Jane on Fillmore plus a more extensive selection of pastries, head baker Jorgen Carlsen will start to include mini peanut butter tahini cookies, almond fennel biscotti, chocolate shortbread, and meringue kisses — a savory and sweet kind of love. But of course, if you’re looking for the grab and go selection, salads and sandwiches will also be offered. // Jane The Bakery, itsjane.squarespace.com


Coin-Op Game Room

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like — an adult Chuckie Cheese. An arcade bar mini-chain launched in San Diego that opened a second location in Sacramento in 2015, will open its third and latest location in SoMa next week. Now joining neighborhood favorites Cockscomb, The Hotel Utah, and Marlowe, this new piece of treasure San Francisco’s destination for vintage arcade games and craft cocktails. You can thank SF-based design firm sfHEIMAT for bringing all of our inner arcade kids back to life. // Coin-Op Game Room, coinopsf.com


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5 Restaurants + Bars To Feast On In December
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