100 Strangers in San Francisco Wrote A Book

For the amount of people that live in San Francisco alone, everyone’s story could complete the Harry Potter trilogy three times and back. And the creator of The Book by Strangers agrees, “It’s hard to write a book.” Written by 100 strangers, one page at a time, Hampus Elfström wanted to encapsulate everyone’s unique point of view into one solid edition.

Elfstrom told us, “The idea was to create a book written by strangers and see if words could connect them. I asked 100 strangers in San Francisco to jot down something relatable to the previous page. Finally, people who never met each other wrote a book together. A weird book, but still a book.”

You can read all 100 gloriously weird and wonderful pages online. Or watch the video above!

// thebookbystrangers.com



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100 Strangers in San Francisco Wrote A Book
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