We’re Shipping For The Holidays!

Photo by Anthony RogersPhoto by Anthony Rogers

Photo by Anthony Rogers

Thank you to all who’ve gotten their hands on issue 3! Holidays can seem rather crazy but we’re excited to bring you a sense of relief directly to your doorstep. Luckily, if you ordered last week (day of release), you should all be getting your copies TODAY!

If you’re reading this, there may be still time! Order your copy of issue 3 or any of back issues and get it by Friday earliest. We suggest selecting the second to highest shipping option for quick turnaround.

If you’re curious on how we get your prints to you so fast, our collaboration with HP’s MagCloud quickens the process entirely with their dedicated printing staff! To give you a better idea about the process, the MagCloud team got to show us a quick up close example with how their workflow accommodates for your print needs.

As a start-up magazine team, we’re very excited to be working with MagCloud full force to produce high quality print content to a dedicated Bay Area audience. Not only having spectacular custom service, we can quickly communicate your needs and quantities to them without a hitch! Tres magnifique.

But seriously… Have you ordered your issue?


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We’re Shipping For The Holidays!
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