Fund This Kickstarter: Fravel Is The Perfect Companion For Travel

Photo via FravelPhoto via Fravel

Photo via Fravel

Who says tech can’t be super cute? For founder Aili Jian, this absolutely adorable luggage should be accessible to all girls who want to sport their cutesy style. “For us girls, can’t it just be simple, cute and really cute?” Aili tells us, “we wanted to make something that could reach into our heart, and fill us with life, love and soul.”

The project came forth from a serious need to personalize luggage, everything you find on the market is either all black, too “chrome”, or seriously not fun to lug around. “We spend so much time looking at functionalities when choosing a travel bag.” This pastel dream of a kitty suitcase is made for those who want to make a statement while being perfect for carry-on specifications.

“The products we choose to carry should reflect our genuine personality.”

Currently the Fravel has launched it’s viral product on Kickstarter and has already raised (as of typing this) $10,000 towards their goal of $50,000. “We want to connect to people who can resonate with us,” Aili shares, “we hope to make the world a cuter place.”

Here are some of the specs included in this stylish tech bag:

  1. Ears that move: yes, the future is now!
  2. Transparent handle: for invincible stylishness.
  3. A heart beating for you: this suitcase understands you and reacts to your motions.
  4. 360 wheels: that also double as little paws.
  5. It’s waterproof: this cat doesn’t hate water.
  6. Invisible zipper: for a seamless look.
  7. Moveable ears: always know when your travel companion is happy!

// Go ahead and give their Kickstarter a look over, there is so much information for your brain to rest on!




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Fund This Kickstarter: Fravel Is The Perfect Companion For Travel
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