David Black: Fade To Black

Photography by  Donerk Dela Cruz , art direction by  Lauren FarnooshPhotography by  Donerk Dela Cruz , art direction by  Lauren Farnoosh

Photography by Donerk Dela Cruz, art direction by Lauren Farnoosh


David Black mixes his passion for Pop Art, street wear fashion and modern day music icons together to create what’s quickly become a successful and recognized global fashion brand known as Fade to Black Worldwide. His success appears to have occurred almost overnight, as Fade To Black was started in April and has since gained him a worldwide following of over 40,000 people. 

A large part of Fade to Black’s success is due to David’s personal style and it’s online popularity. His followers are enamored with his aesthetic that mixes modern and vintage streetwear together with elements of nostalgia. David receives dozens of messages from across the world daily, and has a close relationship with his followers and fans. “I feel like my aesthetic is just based on today’s street culture mixed in with the past. I think kids today really respond to me because they see I respond back. I’m always engaging and communicating with them. I feel like I inspire them in a way where see they can be who they are and want to be.”



Much of his apparel takes inspiration from vintage items David has personally found and collected over the years. He recreates and reinterprets designs from pieces such as 90’s Tupac and Iron Maiden tees. It’s a reproduction of what was once old into something new and it’s resonating with so many because of the amount of sentiment so many hold for those specific times and spaces in popular culture.

David has kept Fade to Black’s availability limited for now; only being available on his website and the Infinite SF shop in Union Square. “Ive turned down a lot of accounts and stores wanting to sell my merchandise, because I didn’t feel like the brand was ready yet. In 2017 I’m planning on doing a tour of pop-up shops across the states and different countries. I want to meet these kids I inspire. I’m also looking into expanding into different stores across the world. I’m excited to see where this next year takes me.”



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David Black: Fade To Black
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