Get It Beauty: What San Francisco Men Wore As Their New Years Beauty Look

If you weren’t gallivanting around the city just a little tipsy, you surely didn’t miss the variety of looks by the gals who were stuntin’, but lets be real — the male sector of beauty was also pretty poppin’.

A mixture between bold brows, the occasional glitter, concealed under eyes, and a highlight a woman can love. NYE this year didn’t disappoint. So to recap what we saw, here’s a small men’s beauty guide for 2017. Didn’t see last years? Take a look here. It’s a small recap on last year’s looks that are still pretty relevant. Of course, I am a gay man as of writing this and these observations may not work for everyone — but I encourage you to experiment with your look because we’re in the city that definitely doesn’t judge (hard) — so get out there and show them your style.


1. So sharp it could shave cheese. The male variety weren’t shy on cleaning their upper hair ledges and getting what the kids call, “fleek.” They didn’t skimp out on their Gimme’ Brow by Benefit and clearly didn’t miss out on a little glitter moment. We, of course, would opt-in for a bit of the Elizabeth Street Cosmetics’ gloss in Golden Gate as a quick glitter brow.






1. A little concealing goes a long way and for those who particular themselves a few drinks, not looking red was the mission. Staying on the face all night without slip was probably dedicated to the NARS (2050 Fillmore St) creamy concealer. A simple “throw-it-on-and-forget-it” attitude really shined through this NYE season.


1. This year was all about the man-bun, so are we over it? We’d love to see the slick (almost but totally) wet look come into play for 2017. It’s a mixture of effortless, don’t wanna do anything to it, and plus-I can go all day without worrying about it. Who do we call too? SF-Local Every Man Jack with their array of styling products for hair (they also make them for beards.)

Get It Beauty: What San Francisco Men Wore As Their New Years Beauty Look
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