SF Looks: Monochromatic Sweaters


In July 2005, Liisa Jokinen started a street style site called Hel Looks in her then-hometown of Helsinki, Finland. Liisa wanted to document individual, unique looks and styles and to spread inspiration. After doing Hel Looks for almost 9 years, both her and her husband moved to San Francisco, California in June 2014. Liisa didn’t want to stop street snapping, though, so she launched a new site, SF Looks.



Janae, 21

“I’m wearing all Lykke Wullf. My styles are definitely all over the place. I love fun patterns and vintage textiles but also admire a minimalistic ascetic as well. I get inspiration everywhere just by observing what’s around me and predicting what’s gonna be next.”


Betty, 28

“I am wearing a Laura Ashley silk shirt paired with an Asos skirt and a vintage velvet jacket. I love Audrey Hepburn and FKA twigs. My style is a constant inspiration from the times gone by – I love big shoulders, full skirts, velvet and statement jewelry that I source from gypsy tribes all over the world.”


Courtney, 33

“All my clothes are vintage. Mood and color inspire my style. I like to wear color, textured clothing, intricate prints, well tailored clothes.”


Kelsey, 25

“Growing up I was really into 80’s movies. It’s something my mom and I bonded over. I feel like that reflects in almost all of my outfits with at least one article I’m wearing. I feel most comfortable in trousers and high laced boots, and jackets/coats. Some days I feel my strongly femme side, and others I look like the boy you crushed on in high school. Both are equally me.“


Kendra, 28

“I’m wearing high top Converse shoes, BDG velvet pants, a Jung Maven men’s tee, a vintage tracksuit jacket, and Madewell earrings. I usually decide to wear a particular item of clothing and build my outfit off of that. I like a combination of old and new, lots of color and the idea of classic femininity.”


Roseli, 35

“I’m wearing a thrifted jumpsuit, raffia and leather oxfords, an oversized tote from my textile line ILANO, and my lucky hat. I wear it when I want to make good things happen. My style icons are Solange, Tilda Swinton, Frida Kahlo, and “The Girl” in Antonioni’s 1975 film The Passenger. I’m inspired by pattern play, global textiles, and ease in comfort. I love pairing jumpsuits, overalls, or suspenders with feminine touches. Putting together an outfit is like creating a collage.”

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SF Looks: Monochromatic Sweaters
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