Water Taxi’s May Come To San Francisco Soon

Sea Bubble could innovate travel in the bay.Sea Bubble could innovate travel in the bay.

Sea Bubble could innovate travel in the bay.

We feel it, the future is now and the future seemingly can be seen in the water?

Sea Bubbles, a french sea transportation company has one simple mission: to build the first battery-powered bubble-shaped ships that hover a few inches above the water and transport as many as six people at a time.

Every city is getting more and more crowded, with traffic jams on land, whereas waterways are abandoned.

— co-founder, Anders Bringdal

The company itself has raised over 3.45 million euros ($3.6 million) from French insurer Maif and venture-capital fund Partech Ventures. Based off the timeline on their website, Sea Bubbles declares that they will begin production next month with their first production boats out in June. “Most big cities have a river running through it or they are based on the ocean front. Cities are trying to decrease the pollution,” states the website’s official bio.

Currently, San Francisco has employed ferry’s to run from greater SF to stops like Oakland, Alameda, and Vallejo. The San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) arries over two million passengers annually utilizing a fleet of 12 high speed passenger-only ferry vessels. SeaBubbles is also discussing items like autonomous driving and battery-charging with potential partners as it seeks to evolve its cabs. The boats, recharging docks and a taxi-hailing app will be ready to demonstrate in Paris in June.

Thoughts on expanding water travel? Should we aim to eliminate traffic pollution by offsetting on land traffic? If Uber can’t get the A-OK from the DMV to drive driverless cars through the streets, how will this go over with The United States Maritime Commission? (MARCOM) Currently WETA is expanding their ferry services to accommodate the vast ridership that has increased from 2014.

A mock-up of the Sea Bubbles water taxi'sA mock-up of the Sea Bubbles water taxi's

A mock-up of the Sea Bubbles water taxi’s

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Water Taxi’s May Come To San Francisco Soon
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