To Cease Filming Porn In The Armory — R.I.P

Photo via GoldstarPhoto via Goldstar

Photo via Goldstar

What seemed like a glass wall of kink, porn, and fantasy finally shattered as the 103-year-old building, which since 2006 has been home to bondage-porn company, will soon trade whips and adult-film stars for computers and office workers.

Owner of, Peter Acworth, finally had his way with the transition of Kink’s on-site filming to now renting out the space to tech hopefuls. “Porn is not nearly as profitable as it was,” Acworth told the paper. “We have had to change our business model.” The Kink team will now start to film presumably in less-expensive locations while the upper two floors of the famed space will be rented for financial gain.

In addition to cleaning up the Armory’s image, a $20 million dollar total is predicted to bring the building up to code. By renting floors and the main space (such as Airbnb’s all-out parties), we could see a boon in dollar signs for the famed attraction.

But first, the building must get permission from the city to make this transition happen — which, in recent history, won’t be easy. Under the guise of Proposition X, which requires building owners to replace space zoned for production, distribution, and repair if it is to be converted to offices — the Kink property in question is zoned for PDR. Though with the move from sex to tech, it clearly bums Acworth out.

“It’s a little sad,” he told the Chronicle. “It’s the end of an era.”

The Armory's insides.The Armory's insides.

The Armory’s insides.

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