The Showroom: A Bob Cut Community Event

Because who doesn’t love drinks, art, and cool clothes?

Per celebration, Bob Cut has released issue 3 to the public marking our two years as a small magazine start-up. We didn’t think we’d last past one — look at us now ma! Of course, what better way than to celebrate a momentous occasion with some light drinking, good friends, and some watercolor.

Our #2 community event was centered around Bay Area doyens who know their stuff. We show our readers and subscribers a good time by giving them the Bob Cut experience irl. Picture: luxe color palettes, aromatic scents, chic style, and intoxicating drinks. We got to really thank the MVP’s of the party however starting with Briana Kranz, who drew the night away with accurate 5 minutes sketches of our dedicated readers. I’m currently looking at mine and thinking, “I gotta get my roots re-done,” she’s accurate for sure. Though, if sitting in a chair wasn’t all in good fun — how about getting slightly tipsy on tea concoctions that Tea People were swirling in the back. We’re talking Matcha Mule’s, Strawberry Fresca Rose, and Lavender Lemonade with Sake. Personally, we downed two before the event even started. Gotta’ shake the nerves, am I right?

And finally, we’ve got to give it up to the ones who hosted all 80 of you in their intimate space. Seldom Seen, while good friends of ours are also great hosts — making sure every reader got familiar with the racks of fabulous clothes, had a drink in hand, and got to know more about them. For those who waited in line patiently, thank you so much! To the one who cussed out our amazing bouncer — you know who you are. Being rude isn’t cool.

Though we didn’t FB Live the event (though if it’s something you’re interested, you should let us know), the attendee’s spammed social media with their #TheShowroom #ShopSeldomSeen & #BobCutMag. Check out the bright eyed and bushy-tailed below who braved the “rainstorm” and celebrated with our whole team.

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The Showroom: A Bob Cut Community Event
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