Diane Arbus Has Arrived At The SFMOMA — You’ve Got To See It



A lifelong New Yorker, American photographer Diane Arbus found the city and its citizens an endlessly rich subject for her art. Working in Times Square, the Lower East Side, and Coney Island.

She made some of the most powerful portraits of the twentieth century, training her lens on the pedestrians and performers she encountered there. And luckily for us, Arbus’ work will be on display at the SFMOMA January 21st – April 30th, 2017 which is very exciting for the mass photographer community in the Bay Area.

This exhibition highlights her early and enduring interest in the subject matter that would come to define her as an artist. It also reveals the artist’s evolution from a 35mm format to the now instantly recognizable and widely imitated look of the square format she adopted in 1962. Bringing together over 100 photographs from this formative period, many on display for the first time, Diane Arbus: in the beginning offers fresh insights into the distinctive vision of this iconic American photographer.

If you needed something to do, the exhibition has just opened so go and get a glimpse before it’s gone.

// 151 3rd St, 3rd Floor, SoMa, SFMOMA.org, an adult ticket is $25.

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Diane Arbus Has Arrived At The SFMOMA — You’ve Got To See It
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