Robot Baristas Are The Future At The Metreon

Amy Osborne, Special To The ChronicleAmy Osborne, Special To The Chronicle

Amy Osborne, Special To The Chronicle

As Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama would say, “I’m an expert on humans, not robits,” but really, we’re really excited from them.

Made to make the perfect espresso every time, The Metreon got it’s newest kiosk and much to the surprise of movie go-ers, not a single person was there to take their order. The idea came to Henry Hu while he waited in line at a cafe. Baristas do repetitive work and produce inconsistent results, he observed. So why not automate coffee service?

Powered through an app via The Metreon, the Cafe X arms prepare your coffee down to the T and at a much cheaper price, we might add. You can expect to find the tall grinders are full of fresh beans from local coffee roasters Verve, AKA and Peet’s, and no pods or powdered milk are used.

Cafe X can produce roughly 120 cups an hour and will soon have the option to give customers an “order ahead” button. Though with what Hu is saying, it sounds like a bitter end to baristas behind the counter forever getting your name wrong. But hey, who doesn’t love technology? We’re not sure how long Cafe X will be around but you should definitely go check it out this week.

// Metreon, 135 4th St #3000

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Robot Baristas Are The Future At The Metreon
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