New Art Installation Lights Hope At Civic Center

Photo via Freeman LauPhoto via Freeman Lau

Photo via Freeman Lau

In today’s world, we need a light to shine through the cloud of darkness.

Freeman Lau, a sculpture artist by trade has risen multiple lamps in commemoration of the Lunar New Year. But it also is giving viewers an alternative point-of-view. The lanterns range in height from 16 to 20 feet, and are part of a temporary art installation.

Though waaaaaaay different from Amanda Parer’s bunnies light exhibition, Lau’s focuses on inner spiritual health and goodness throughout life. The installation is titled Sui Sui Ping An: Peace All Year Round.

And the title is accurate to boot. With all the past week of horrifying news (i.e. travel ban, mosque shooting, etc), it’s good to take a moment and reflect among these giant installations about life and, ironically, world peace.

For now (since Lunar New Year runs for about 23 days), this exhibition will be up in the courtyard of City Hall until March but we recommend checking it out during the evening when it’s all lit up.

// // Sui Sui Ping An—Peace All Year Round is open to the public in Civic Center Plaza through March 10,


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New Art Installation Lights Hope At Civic Center
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