Do We Love or Hate #SFWiFi + Where It Is On The Map

Photo via PexelsPhoto via Pexels

Photo via Pexels

In a city of innovation — how hard is it to connect to wifi?

A while back, we asked our friends and colleagues ‘how they utilize #SFWiFi?’ For those who don’t know, San Francisco county offers free wifi for selected areas of the city where people can easily connect to. 

For us, we use it to check our social platforms on Market St or while waiting for the 22 at Fillmore but people seem less than impressed stating “it’s too slow to even try.” Many others use their unlimited data and have no need for the unsecured web connection.

And to most, they don’t even know it exists. We mean, it’s fairly condensed onto Market Street, starting at Embarcadero and ending in the Castro, so knowing about it could fly over some people’s heads.

But there are a few pockets of random internet access if you are in a pinch. Want to see the full map? Check out the post on SF Gov, you can also request internet in your area as well.

Also, you should let us know your thoughts on SF WiFi here.

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Do We Love or Hate #SFWiFi + Where It Is On The Map
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