Off The Menu: Saucy Asian Is Coming Soon To The Castro

Photos courtesy of Saucy AsianPhotos courtesy of Saucy Asian

Photos courtesy of Saucy Asian

Castro is getting a new Korean eatery and yes, it’s really quite saucy.

From former H Cafe on Sanchez and 17th to a new restaurant, Saucy Asian, the new Hangul shop will be boasting Omma’s favorite dishes mixed in with fusion-y bites. Picture: tacos, KFC wings (above), and various tapas.

For first-time restaurantee, Andrew Shinn, says he’s excited to bring the flavors of his families past quick-service spots with a couple of his mother’s recipes. Sadly, the spot won’t be opened until mid-march but Shin filled us in on why he wanted to open his own spot, “The idea [for Saucy Asian] was born in my bachelor days going to grad school, partying in Seoul and eating late,” said the San Francisco native. “The concept is street food, but done in a restaurant setting.”

Shinn is an international culinary student graduate and all the recipes are dreamt up by him and one other executive chef on staff. “A lot of the recipes are actually from my mom,” said Shinn, “to put a whole nation’s cuisine onto one menu is tough, so we aimed to incorporate things that can be universally enjoyed by everyone.”

Though opening up a space has it’s challenges. With integrating into an established neighborhood to passing every food bare, it’s not a walk in the park.

We’re taking a risk but it’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

— Andrew Shinn

According to Shinn, the street food-themed restaurant has been designed so that “the inside feels like the outside.” The space will include an awning over the counter, inspired by the tents that are commonplace in South Korea’s street food markets.

Just judging by the fun food photography on their website, we might be dining at this spot constantly and nightly.

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Off The Menu: Saucy Asian Is Coming Soon To The Castro
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