SF Makes History With First Transgender District


San Francisco has made history and we couldn’t be prouder.

Named after the historic Compton’s Cafeteria riots in 1966 (the first known incident of collective LGBT resistance to police harassment in U.S. history), The Compton’s TLGB District will encompass six blocks in the southeastern Tenderloin and will cross over Market Street to include two blocks of 6th Street. Creating a space to celebrate the long standing Trans community in San Francisco, the six blocks will encompass these historic moments signed last week.

“The lower Tenderloin is one of the most important neighborhood in America for transgender history, culture, and civil rights,” said Supervisor Jane Kim, who represents the Tenderloin. “By creating the Compton’s TLGB District we are honoring this vibrant community built by transgender people, and are sending a message to the world that trans people are welcome here.”

The community has been in discussion for years about how to go about upholding the Trans standard, Jane Kim introduced the legislation on Tuesday and it will provide protections / support for those who identify.

“In the last few weeks our federal government has made it clear that minority communities have never been more at risk in America,” Kim said. San Francisco needs to do everything it can to stand our ground and be a place of sanctuary, for transgender people, and specifically trans women of color. Hopefully the Compton’s TLGB District will be the start of a national movement to protect these communities and their history.”

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SF Makes History With First Transgender District
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