Get Your Higher Education: City College Is Now Free To All Students

CCSF's Northbeach campus. Photo via EEHD.CCSF's Northbeach campus. Photo via EEHD.

CCSF’s Northbeach campus. Photo via EEHD.

Yes, this is true. A deal has been reached this past Friday where any SF resident can now attend City College free of charge.

Mayor Ed Lee agreed to spend $5.4 million on free tuition for San Francisco residents as well as books for low-income students in the upcoming school year. The funding is enough to cover tuition for current students while allowing for a 20 percent increase in enrollment.

Supervisor Jane Kim, who has led the effort for a free City College, praised the deal Sunday but noted she would like to see the funding increase in future years to cover more expenses for low-income students.

“We’re making City College free for all San Francisco residents, and that’s really exciting,” Kim said. “This is just the beginning of our free City College program.” The agreement is $1.1 million more a year than Lee said he would spend on the effort in December, when he committed just $4.25 million a year.

Though, City College Chancellor Susan Lamb says this change will take weeks, “Student registration begins in March and the school needs to reprogram its computer systems to include the eligibility requirements for free tuition.”

Of course, the deal has some set backs with the teacher’s union but the first year will definitely be a trial and error so students who plan to enroll this year should definitely expect that.

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Get Your Higher Education: City College Is Now Free To All Students
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