Booze For All: The Mill Looks To Add Beer, Wine, Nightly Dinner To Their Roster

Photo courtesy of The Mill.Photo courtesy of The Mill.

Photo courtesy of The Mill.

An update from our September story, The Mill is now serving beer and wine at their location on Divisadero. The Mill now offers vegetarian sandwiches every Thursday through Sunday, from 11am until they sell out. Previously, the sandwich offering was limited to only Thursdays. 

It seems like a logical progression—we use our bread to make sandwiches all the time, we just wanna share them with you.

— Josey Baker

Although our story below hinted at the potential for a nightly dinner menu, further details on that have not been confirmed. However, Baker did tell us that the next expansion will most likely see a Friday night pizza offering as well. 

“We’ll see, we’re not in any rush, don’t wanna push things too fast,” said Baker. Check out the full details below from September.

You heard us right — the home to all things minimal, Instagram-able, and arguably overpriced is now expanding their menu to accommodate the late late crowd. The party doesn’t start till the bread is fresh at 1 a.m.

as Hoodline saw

, has filed an application to serve beer and wine full time, under the auspices of Four Barrel, his partners. Baker says “the idea is to offer a simple nightly menu along the lines of the pizza nights, likely including pizza and salad, as well as the addition of soup and maybe grilled cheese sandwiches.” And we’re very excited for this change. As editor’s who write well into the night and who love a great atmosphere to continue it, we agree that their nightly menu will be a great addition to the residents on Divis.

Liquor licenses tend to take several months to get approved, so we will not be seeing The Mill open nightly before the end of the year. Also, with no talks as to how much beer and wine they’ll serve — it could be slim pickings. And don’t even get us started on their lack of wifi.

So until they spill the beans on the menu, the beverages, and the hours – we will keep this article updated. Stay in the know on our newsletter.

<img src=" – 7 p.m. (or 9 p.m. on Monday’s and Wednesday’s.)

Written by Anthony Rogers, feature photo by Eric Herrmann and inline photo courtesy of The Mill — Need more foodie news? Keep in the know by subscribing to our newsletter.

Booze For All: The Mill Looks To Add Beer, Wine, Nightly Dinner To Their Roster

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