Get Yourself Spa’d Up While Supporting A Good Cause

Let’s face it, for the majority of us, it hasn’t been easy working through the goals we have set for ourselves back in 2016. Sometimes that motivational voice in your head just runs out of batteries.

So if your New Year resolutions included taking care of yourself as well as others, look no further! We have the perfect thing to assist you with following through your once impossible determinations.

Taking care of the body and mind are the first and foremost important things to acknowledge, especially when living in a busy city like San Francisco. However, taking care of others is extremely important too! Which is why we have sought out some local spas here in the city that not only service you but also service others with the funding of your appointment.

How awesome is that?

They not only help you recuperate and love yourself, but you get to share the love too!

Photo via PexelsPhoto via Pexels

Photo via Pexels

Float Matrix

Float Matrix is a holistic spa located on lower Nob Hill that offers Infra Red saunas as well as flotation therapy. Both of these services extremely are unique forms of self-care and rejuvenation. Infra Red saunas allow you to sweat out toxins while indulging in peaceful rest, while a flotation tank allows your mind to wonder into an abyss of complete silence. If this sounds like your thing, we have even better news. Float Matrix uses a portion of their gained profits and donates them to local school fundraisers. They also offer many discounts to community workers as well as veterans, so be sure to ask about those when making an appointment!

// Float Matrix, 815 Hyde Street, Nob Hill,

Photo via Senspa SFPhoto via Senspa SF

Photo via Senspa SF


Another fantastic spa located here in San Francisco is SenSpa. Their services include acupuncture; massages, facials and many other feel good amenities. However, while you’re indulging in their incredible facility, remember that you’re also helping over 100 organizations, which they have been donating to as a regular course of business. SenSpa is also a sponsor for Dress for Success whose mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

// SenSpa, 1161 Gorgas Ave, Presidio,

Giving to ourselves is just as important as giving to others, so go ahead and spoil yourself this year with one of these spa services, guilt free!

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Get Yourself Spa’d Up While Supporting A Good Cause
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