Boba Guys Co-Founder Slams Troll Over Yelp And It’s Everything

Listen Internet, we hear you. You’ve got a loud mouth for sure.

And for some customers, getting your point across on the internet to honestly “hurt someone” seems way more thrilling. For Boba Guys co-founder Andrew Chau, he wasn’t gonna take that. While the accolades of boba-obsessed fans (myself included) have rejoiced to Boba Guys’ level of transparency, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile (this will make more sense in a minute), one particular customer did not see these values.

Calling the small business “the McDonaldlization/white- washing of a pretty easy concept- Bubble Tea,” /sans the grammatical errors, the customer goes onto say, “I ordered a Matcha tea and asked for a tiny bit of sweetness and a tiny bit of milk. Lo and behold, the cashier/drinkmaker tried to give me diabetes by filling over half the mixing cup with cream and sugar. Why can’t we understand the advantages of subtelty? My matcha was undrinkable.”

Why didn’t the customer ask to have it be re-made, you ask?

Though, the post has been edited since confrontation, his original NSFW post (screenshot below) called out an innocent employee and took into question the spaces fire hazard-ness. When clearly the building has been checked out… Like, they wouldn’t open a store that wasn’t cleared by the Fire Marshall. But we digress.

Our hero, of course, co-founder Andrew Chau stepped in to confront the naysayer via Yelp.

Hi Chris,
We appreciate your extreme candor. We’re passionate people as well, so you gave us a great chance to explain to the public who we are and our values. Thanks! After five years of running Boba Guys, we know our place in the community. We get it– our style of boba is not for everyone.

If you don’t know our story and our persona, we are one of the most transparent companies around. That means we say exactly what’s on our mind. So let us be clear– there is no room at Boba Guys for excessive amount of vitriol. We get our fair share of criticism for being different and pioneers, but as I wrote in my column, we don’t like cyberbullies. Consider this a kind warning.

Say what you want about our product, but lay off of our team. No one looks good by making others look small. You seem like a bright kid, so I kindly ask that you reflect about your immature review. We just think you got carried away. Hate on us all you want, but don’t ever comment about our team again. They are real people with real feelings. I hope one day that you could be as beautiful, compassionate, confident, and generous as our team member… or even Kylie Jenner.

We really do hope you (or anyone who agrees with your post) can resolve disapproval in more constructive ways. My co-founder and I are extremely accessible, so I don’t even mind talking about this in person. We represent small business leaders, entrepreneurs, and the AAPI community (look us up). We are not shy people.

We get that we can improve in a lot of ways. Yes, we aren’t a giant franchised boba chain or some VC-backed food startup. It’s our own money. So we agree that we suck a bit with store design because we’re still learning. And yes, our drinks can and will get better. Each store gets better and better… have you seen the newest one in the Fillmore? We’re on our sixth self-funded store now. Pretty amazing, huh?!

We really don’t reply to all the negative reviews (you can see for yourself), but since you made it a bit personal, I wanted to honor it and give you a personal reply. We get sometimes people think it’s funny or cute to be snarky, so we’ll give you a pass. In the future, just make sure you know who you are talking to. Hate on us (we can take it), but don’t pick on people who can’t fight back. That’s just being a bully– and we all see how much the world hates bullies.


p.s. our mission is to bridge cultures so we never said we were going after tradition or authenticity. Here are some great articles about what we’re trying to do. Hope you can come along for the ride!


Our response:


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Boba Guys Co-Founder Slams Troll Over Yelp And It’s Everything
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