Ritual Coffee And Somatik Blend Cannabis-Flavored Cold Brew Together

Photo via SomatikPhoto via Somatik

Photo via Somatik

For those who want to start the morning off right.

As reported by the SF Chronicle, Christopher Schroeder—founder of Somatik believes that nothing starts right better than, “a joint and a cup-of-joe in the morning.” Both SF’s faved coffee company and a new treats start-up, the two started hitting cannabis dispensary refrigerators last week, Somatik Featuring Ritual Coffee pairs one of the Bay Area’s most prominent coffee brands with the newly legal botanical drug.

Somatik and Ritual’s co-branded cold brew comes in 8-ounce bottles that each contain 15 milligrams of THC, the main active ingredient in marijuana. That works out to 1½ standard doses of marijuana per bottle, which can be enjoyed straight, or diluted with milk or water.

The bottle design brings up around a campfire singing songs and slowly steeping our favorite toke… Listen, it was better sounding in our heads.

Onlookers say that this collaboration will begin to bring the cannabis industry into a much more friendlier light, Bill Kerr (Founder of Vertical Marketing) collaborated with the two brands to elevate the idea further, he says that the two “build a ton of credibility where you can inspire someone to pick up that bottle and try it the first time.”

// get.somatik.us, $12, available at Harvest on Geary and Harvest on Mission in San Francisco and Magnolia Wellness in Oakland.

Somatik being poured. Via SF Chron.Somatik being poured. Via SF Chron.

Somatik being poured. Via SF Chron.

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Ritual Coffee And Somatik Blend Cannabis-Flavored Cold Brew Together
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